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Alexander Tran

Associate Psychotherapist

I’m Alexander and I have a Master’s in Counselling Psychology.  I work with individuals and couples. When it comes to therapy, what matters is the context.. People go through so much that they often feel unacknowledged, invisible, and that they do not matter. The greatest tragedy is when you believe you don’t matter. This could be a turning point, a setback or even a challenging point in your life. Coming to therapy is a good way is to sort this out in counselling. I work with couples and individuals and I work from a modality that puts you in the centre. I work with feelings, thoughts, and complicated cycles that play out in all our lives.

I provide: 

  • A safe place to explore your inner world

  • A place to work through emotions/experiences

  • A place you feel you can belong without judgement

  • Someone who is willing and able to work with, accept and also challenge you at times.

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