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Cavan Edwards, BA, RPQ

Counsellor - ACCESS Program

Cavan’s background in the field of mental health includes neurofeedback therapy, self-regulation training (meditation/relaxation skills) and mental health rehabilitation. Currently he is completing his psychotherapy internship under the supervision of Pauline O'Brien, EdD, RP


He combines an empathetic and supportive approach to counselling, along with mental health techniques that you can use to build emotional resilience and improve wellbeing. With his diverse background that spans both medical and holistic clinical settings, he approaches each person individually to understand how many different factors can influence mental health. If you are looking to better understand how your mind works and empower yourself with the skills to create positive change in your life, feel free to contact Cavan to book a free 20 minute consultation call.


Cavan is a proud husband and father of two young children, musician, and is actively involved in developing resources and supports for father’s mental health.



As part of his internship he is able to offer discounted rate counselling. To connect with Cavan you can book online or email him at

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