We recognize that your work may impact your relationships. Couples therapy is a process of working with and healing relationships. The therapist will usually meet with a couple over three sessions to understand the inner-workings of the relationship and what interventions will be helpful in strengthening the partnership. 

The first session usually is an introductory session with both partners in attendance. The couple will have the chance to discuss their issues and the therapist will try to understand and mediate the partnership. The therapist will ask questions about how the couple met, what perpetual conflicts might be occurring and what core issues the couple would like to work on. The second session the therapist will ask to meet each partner individually for approximately 45 minutes to an hour. The third session is a summary session with recommendations for treatment of the relationship. 

We recognize that often our work can impact our relationships. We also aim to provide therapy support to partners and family members. 

We use the Gottman Method for couples therapy and the Gottman Relationship Checkup