What is Single Session Therapy (SST)?

Single session therapy (Bloom, 2001) is a brief model of therapy, often utilized by an individual therapist or therapists with a client, couple or family. The idea behind this modality of counselling is that this "may be the only time we are meeting and therefore what can we get accomplished given there is only a brief time", thus creating a sense of urgency to develop a concrete solution.


It is a solution focused approached based on the idea that individuals are already living in ways that are helpful to them but they may need some support in identifying barriers and reinforcing what is going right.


This brief session usually lasts approximately 90 minutes and involves an interview of the problem, what the ideal solution would look like and how to get there with an analysis of barriers. This brief session can also serve as an assessment or recommendations for what future care might be needed, either with recommendations of additional therapeutic approaches or what work could be done independently from the therapeutic process. 

Bloom, Bernard. (2001). Focused Single-Session Psychotherapy: A Review of the Clinical and Research Literature. Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention. 1. 10.1093/brief-treatment/1.1.75.