Sylvia Piedrahita

Counsellor (Intern)

Hi! Hola! Bonjour! I’m Sylvia.


I am very happy to be with The Compassion Project to continue learning and growing. I am grateful to be on this journey. I think therapy is transformative and can help us to be courageous, accept our vulnerabilities and appreciate our story to move forward.


I have lived experience with emotional health difficulties and maladaptive behaviours, but with the help of therapy, a genuine community of family, friends and faith, I have undergone healing moments in life. 

I will work with you in a caring and curiously informed way. I can help in the following areas: newcomers to Canada navigating acculturation, and first-generation Canadians reconciling cultural values with Canadian ones; emerging adults with goals and expectations; peri-and post-partum depression; anxiety and depression; obsessive compulsive tendencies; teachers and self care; and, women’s issues.

Holding space for you would be an honour. You can reach me at If you would like to have your session in French, Spanish, or English, I would love to provide that for you.

Be courageous!

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