Vittoria DeSimone-Maida

MA, RP (Qualifying)

Vittoria has worked in the field for over 27 years as a crisis worker, a wellness and credit counselling coach, yoga teacher and psychotherapist. 

Her area of focus is mood and anxiety disorders and specific phobias and she integrates Cognitive Behavioral approaches with compassionate/
mindfulness-based strategies, meditation, journaling and yoga.

Those who know Vittoria clinically will say she is incredibly client-centred, warm, non- judgmental and values the holistic approach and creating a safe space.


Her further education in spiritual care counselling affords clients the opportunity to discuss the great existential questions like “Who am I?, What is my
life’s purpose?, What is my mission in life?” While sitting with her you can explore your connection with
a Higher Power (God, Mother Earth, The Universe, Spirit).

Vittoria believes that life is an expedition which involves many joys and tribulations, and it is through these difficult times that reaching out for help is key to overcoming the challenge you are experiencing. 


To contact Vittoria directly email