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Community Care in the time of Pride

The field of Social Work often promotes self-care in order to avoid factors such as burnout and compassion fatigue. There is a major flaw with the focus on self-care, though: it puts all of the onus of care on the individual. I think about this as I see rainbows and pride flags around the city. Pride looks and feels different this year, after a full year of a global pandemic that has left many of us feeling isolated and alone. Whether or not we identify as a part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, there is no doubt that community is important. I often ask myself how community can be built in individual psychotherapy sessions. I think it helps to remember that individual accomplishments are often supported by the help of our loved ones and those around us. The same goes for individual struggles- although psychotherapy is individual, our healing processes don’t have to be. It is alright to accept care from our community, and to give back once we have more capacity. This Pride, I am thankful for the community that has stood beside me, and I hope to foster this sense of community with others, and keep the chain of community care going.

– Maxime Vaillancourt, MSW, RSW

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