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Our team has specialized training to address treatment of specific issues. Below you will find a list of common issues we treat and providers who specialize in working with this population of folks. 

Specialized Services

Maternal Mental Health

We have additional expertise in working with women and families who are trying to conceive, pregnant, postpartum, pregnancy and infant loss and birth trauma.

Providers: Sylvia P, Vittoria D, Nicole V, Pauline O. 


We acknowledge that this year has been unprecedented in the amount of trauma experienced by the impact of COVID-19. We can help you to find peace in the ongoing anxiety, depression and traumatic stress caused by the pandemic.

Providers: All

Trauma and Addiction

We work all forms of trauma; both big Ts and little ts: We provide support for sexual violence, historical child abuse, family incest, ACOA, attachment trauma, abandonment.

Trauma providers: All

Trauma & Addiction: Aliza, Nicole B, Nicole V, Monica H, Pauline O

Mood and

We provide evidenced based psychotherapies to treat mood and anxiety disorders. We work with persons with OCD; Phobias; GAD; Bipolar disorder I and II; Depression, etc.

Providers: All

2SLGBTQ+ Community 

We have a keen interest in supporting folks who struggling with gender or sexuality. We advocate for equity in healthcare with the trans community.

Providers: Naomi R, Tess M, Pauline O 


We work with disordered eating, binge eating disorder, anorexia, bulimia. We also provide out-patient therapy, referrals and aftercare from inpatient hospitalization for eating disorders.

Providers: Monica H, Pauline O

First Responders & Healthcare Workers

We have training in vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout and support those on the front line.

Providers: Linn P, Monica H, Pauline O

Mental Health

We work as allies and collaborate with Indigenous communities, to provide culturally safer counselling and psychotherapy services from a trauma specific perspective, acknowledging historical and intergenerational trauma of Indigenous persons in Canada. Providers: Nicole V, Aliza N, Pauline O

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